the personal site of boxmein

I do a lot of things. I'd mainly call myself a web developer, since that's what I do most, but other than web dev I'm alright in a lot of programming languages.

Below you'll find a collection of my work. If you want me to do something for you, you can email me at boxmein at boxmein dot net.


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A website to gather information about The Powder Toy's scripting interface.

Source / Live
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A recent project to make a web app (usable on mobile) using Angular.js as well as angular-material.

Source / Live
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Another recent project. This is a mostly client-side app to manage Lua scripts made for The Powder Toy.

Source / Live


A web server that acts as a link shortener (which doesn't actually make links any shorter) to hide URLs behind a CAPTCHA. The link itself is stored inside the URL, meaning there is no server- side database to keep track of links.

Source / Live


A spartan image viewer without unnecessary features. It'll display all sorts of images, and that's about it.

Plays animated GIFs on the desktop! :D

Source / v1.0


"Inline Make" - a way to keep short build commands inside the source files themselves.

Supports various usage modes, including regex matching. Excellent with Sublime Text.



A Chrome extension and GreaseMonkey user-script that runs simple replacements on the HTML page you're loading before you'll be reading it.

You can configure your own substitutions via the button.

Source / v1.1


A database-driven application based on Sinatra running on Heroku, as a sort of database for IRC quotes. Similar to and

Source / Live


An IRC bot written in Node.js with an event-driven architecture still allowing for a lot of flexibility, and with a myriad of modules.


Other Websites

Some other websites you can find me on.


Here's a bunch of things that don't really classify as projects: