editor ====== A kind-of-rich-text editor. Everything a browser allows by default - bold, italic, underlining, whatever else you can think of. If you splice in some HTML you basically have every tag ever. Saves automatically and reloads when you reload the page. Unless you want to show it to someone else of course. You can enable inverted mode by adding the string "inverted" right into the address bar's hash. For example, from something/editor.html you can do something/editor.html#inverted or any other combination of #, some characters and the string "inverted". Also you can't do these code box things. Unless you find a <code> tag generating hotkey. Ha. I bet you can't! On the bottom right there's a bunch of things like saving to base64, clearing the code box and something you should not click. Don't click it. Don't even think about clicking it. No. Shoo. Get away. ~ boxmein 2014